We meet every Thursday 20:00 (8 PM) Central European Time (CET). Please see current time for CET above. The meeting is one hour long* and we all speak English.

Our meetings are always open which means that all who have an interest in sex addiction and our program of recovery are welcome. You may participate only by listening if you wish.

We use Zoom and we encourage you to use use video as it becomes closer to a physical meeting, however sometimes it is not suitable to use video. Follow your inner guidance.

If you like to know how our meetings are organized, please see the section below.

Join Zoom Meeting:

If you like to call in by phone, you can find your local number via this link:

Meeting ID: 897 5921 6362
Passcode: 910019

* The last Thursday each month we end with a Business Meeting for 30 minutes. Following the normal meeting we will continue with a Business Meeting and the end time will be extended by 30 minutes.

How we organize our meetings

In this meeting we study the Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous to better understand the instructions it contains and how this relates to our sex addiction. We use it because we believe it to be the original 12-step instructions and we have found recovery from sex addiction by following the precise and clear cut directions it contains.

Here you can read the Big Book on line and use it to follow along in the meeting:

During the study portion of the meeting we stick to finding the instructions in the text being read and if you have worked all the 12-steps for sex addiction with a sponsor using only the Big Book of AA you are welcome to share your insights and knowledge.

This means that if you have not yet worked all the steps we recommend that you listen.

In the study portion of the meeting we don't share about our day or on any other outside issues.

If you have thoughts or feelings that differ from the text being read we recommend you stay for fellowship and we can talk about them there.

After the meeting we go into fellowship where newcomers can ask questions and we can connect with each other and share our daily problems and insights on the path of recovery from sex addiction. We all struggle from time to time and we need each other to remind ourselves of the problem and the solution to our addiction.

Tradition one - Our common welfare should come first, personal recovery depends on S.A.A unity.

If you are looking for help, If you need a sponsor or someone to talk to please stick around to the end of the meeting where people will give out their phone numbers so you know who to call. Pick a few numbers and call to connect with us, we really appreciate you being here.